Giving Back the AJA Brand Way

Giving Back the AJA Brand Way

Why Giving Back is Important to Me 

Since I was a little girl, I would wish for world peace before blowing out my birthday candles.  Albeit a child, for some reason, it meant so much to me.  Perhaps it was from hearing my parents complain about the bad news reports we'd often hear, or maybe it was Michael Jackson, and his genuine love for people that made me feel that together we can make a difference, but first we must check the "Man in the Mirror".  I'm sure it was a combination of things, including my parent's kindness, and how they were always so generous to others, and would speak to almost anyone they'd come into contact with.

Generosity shows that we care about others.  When we give back we are showing genuine love that lives inside us.  That love comes from none other than God.  A genuine concern and action to help others, are true qualities that we get from him.  I believe that everything we do should, to some degree, involve spreading the love from God.  There is far to much money circulating this planet to not give back anything.  It is almost like it's our responsibility to take care of each other.  There will always be someone in need, so why not be a part of fulfilling that need?

AJA Brand is dedicated to giving back!  Not for publicity, or recognition, but because I have a genuine desire to help others.  That's why a percentage of each sale will go to meaningful causes such as, homelessness, poverty, youth programs, clean water solutions for developing countries.  Anything I feel needs to be addressed, at some point, this Brand will help to address it.

As individuals, it may be hard, but together we can do it.  Jesus alone made a huge impact while he was here, and I know we can too.

If you’d like to give back, go to the Support a Cause link, simply purchase your favorite product, or go to the Go Fund Me page to make a donation

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